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"The Board is dedicated to governance of The Gerald Hardy Memorial Society in  a responsible mode that fosters the mission to enhance the quality of life of adults with disabilities by strengthening community ties, reducing barriers to opportunity and helping them reach their full potential.  The focus of the Board is centered in The Society's vision to create a community where people with disabilities live their best lives."


SUSAN FOOTE is a retired Social Worker, who last worked as an Employment Support Income Assistance Caseworker with Nova Scotia Department of Community. She grew up in Sheet Harbour Passage and has continued to live, work and raise a family here. She is happiest outside pursuing a variety of interests, spending time with family and friends, volunteering in the community and ever open to new experiences and learning new things.

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CRAIG ARSENAULT joined the Gerald Hardy Memorial Society as a Board Member in May of 2019.He grew up on the Eastern Shore, and currently resides in Dartmouth where he carries on his profession as a lawyer. Outside of the office, Craig was a long-time Floor Hockey and Softball Coach with Special Olympics Nova Scotia. He also coached the Eastern Shore High School Boys hockey team for several years, and feels very privileged to be able to continue to serve the GHMS members and community as a Board Member for the Gerald Hardy Memorial Society.

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DIANNE McDONALDwas born in the UK, the daughter of a member of the RCAF from Halifax Nova Scotia and a Scottish mother, due to her father losing his life in an air craft crash she was raised there and spent many years training horses, she later moved to Nova Scotia to be near her Canadian family and managed five Small Option homes in Dartmouth, met and married Robert McDonald from Harrigan Cove and upon retirement they moved to Sheet Harbour in 2012 to be near her husbands roots and family members

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JOHNATHAN CUMMINGER is a teacher at Marine Drive Academy. He grew up in New Glasgow, but has for the last 18 years made Sheet Harbour his home and his community. He is happiest outside pursuing a variety of interests including kayaking, hiking gardening, spending time with family and friends, volunteering with a variety of different community groups.

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ROBYN MURPHY graduated from DMHS in 2012. She went on to pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree at St. Thomas University (‘16) and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Dalhousie University (‘18). She is currently working at Marine Drive Academy as the SchoolsPlus Community Outreach Worker. In her spare time, Robyn enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and cuddling with her two cats. 

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