A Member of Feed Nova Scotia


Take a deep breath, we're in this together!  It can be hard to ask for help, but we're here to support you. 

When arriving to the Rainbow Foodbank you will be asked a series of questions to register you.  Please bring with you a piece of ID for every member of your household and if possible a piece of mail with your name and home address on it. 

Our position is that no one needs to know your financial or personal situation for you to  receive support.  We are here to help without judgment.


Rainbow Foodbank regular operation is the second Wednesday of each month, however we are here to help anytime during the month. During registration you will receive an appointment time for hamper pickup.  In your hamper you can expect 3-5 days of food per person in your household.  We are also available any time throughout the month  for any emergency needs. Simply call 902-885-2300,  we will accommodate you with compassion and understanding.