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               ABOUT CASCADES ONLINE AUCTION                                           

Auction starts Tuesday 10 am & closes Friday 9 am

Friday 10 am & closes Tuesday 10 am


Cascades Online Auction is another Social Enterprise at Gerald Hardy Memorial Society.  Our participants enjoy searching for special items worthy of our high caliber Online Auction.  From taking  photos of the items to creatively describing each treasure our participants keep things running smoothly.

Enjoy the thrill of shopping and bidding from the comfort of your own home.  Click the icon  to find the page and click "join group"  you will be accepted ASAP. 

After joining be sure to click on "more" and then "Files" to find the rules. Then simply start scrolling to find items up for auction.  Be sure to always read the description box attached to the picture to see when the bidding closes. 
HAPPY BIDDING!!  😃                                                  CLICK HERE    


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